Spring Classes

Philosophy 310: Philosophy and Culture, Spring 2021
English 326W-526: American Lit II, Modernism to the Present, Spring 2021
English 438-538: Applied Linguistics, Spring 2021
English 435W.0: Sociolinguistics/Language, Culture, and Society, Spring 2021
English 450W-550: Literary Theory, Spring 2021
English 452/555: Editing and Desktop Publishing Workshop, Spring 2019
English 319: Applied Syntax, Spring 2021
English 310-510A: Poetry, Spring 2021
English 412-512: Advanced Poetry, Spring 2021
English 421AW-521A: World Literature I, Origins-1650, Fall 2020
English 421BW/521B: World Literature II, 1650-Present, Fall 2020
English 339-539: Modern Science Fiction, Fall 2020
English 345-545: J.R.R. Tolkien, Spring 2021
English 598A: Thesis I (GENERIC)
English 598B: Thesis II (GENERIC)
English/American Cultural Studies 497: Thesis (GENERIC)
Classes from Previous Semesters Linked Below for Reference
BLE 535.0 and 535.1 (with ENG 438/538): Sociolinguistics, Spring 2020 (Combined Classroom and Online Sections in Toppenish/Tri-Cities)
English 337-537: Introduction to Linguistics, Fall 2020
English 377W-553A Research Methods, Fall 2020
English 454W-554: Teaching Composition, Fall 2020
English 319: Applied Syntax, Spring 2019
Honors 302: Prep for Prof/Grad Studies, Qualitative Methods, Spring 2020
English 310-510A: Poetry, Spring 2020
English 556: Teaching Linguistics, Fall 2018 
English 412/512: Advanced Poetry, Spring 2020
English 590A/B/C: Practicum (GENERIC)
English 450W-550: Literary Theory, Fall 2019
English 342/542: Native American Literature, Fall 2020
English 556: Teaching Linguistics, Fall 2018
Honors 301: Prep for Prof/Grad Studies, Quantitative Methods, Fall 2019 
BLE 535 (with ENG 435/535): Sociolinguistics, Spring 2019 (Classroom and Online Section)
English 102: Composition II, Fall 2017
English 435W-535: Language, Culture, and Society AKA Sociolinguistics, Spring 2017 (Classroom and Online Section)
English 307-507: Language Acquisition, Spring 2016
English 325W-525: American Lit I, Origins to Realism, Fall 2020
English 303/524B: History of English, Fall 2014
English 452: Editing and Desktop Publishing Workshop, Fall 2008
English/BLE 435: Sociolinguistics, Summer 2011 (Seattle Section)
English/BLE 435W: Sociolinguistics, Summer 2011 (Toppenish Online Only Section)
English/Philosophy 403-503-524C: Contemporary Literature and Continental Philosophy, Summer 2010
Philosophy 210: Logic and Critical Thinking, Spring 2010
English 101H: Honors English Composition I, Fall 2008
English 221: Comparative World Literature
English 352: Creative Writing, Fall 2008
English 352: Creative Writing WORKSHOP, Fall 2005/552
English 435/535: Sociolinguistics, Old Version
Philosophy 410: Advanced Critical Thinking
Philosophy 411: Native American Philosophy and Culture, Spring 2009
Philosophy 450: Applied Ethics

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