English 221:
Comparative World Literature

Instructor: Dr. Loren R. Schmidt

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Text: Donna Rosenberg, ed., World Literature: An Anthology, 2nd ed. (Chicago: NTC, 1992)

Course Description and Objectives:

English 221 (Comparative World Literature) operates on the premise that literature is worth the trouble of a close examination. Careful study of the literary products of a culture will repay you by teaching you not only about that culture but also about yourself. In this course, we will examine some of the greatest short stories, poems, and plays ever written. In order to understand these texts and see why so many people regard them as important, we will attempt not only to analyze the works themselves in detail but also to set them in the context of their writers' times, lives, and cultures.

Given the assumptions stated above, students may expect that they will be called on to read extensively, to discuss those readings in class, and to write regularly concerning the readings and discussions. All of these elements will be factored into the course evaluation system.

In general, the course has these objectives for students to pursue:

(1) Become familiar with some of the great works of world literature and their authors
(2) Gain insights into other cultures through their literature
(3) Explore some of the methods for analyzing literature
(4) Improve analytic writing skills both in and out of class
(5) Review research and documentation skills
(6) Practice presentation skills

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