English 452:
Editing and Desktop
Publishing Workshop

Crucial Info for Fall 2008:

Instructor: Dr. Loren R. Schmidt

Telephone: 865-8542 or Ext. 2340 (Work); 574-8486 (Home)

E-Mail: gaijin@nwinfo.net or lschmidt@heritage.edu

Office: 2340 Arts & Sciences Bldg.

Office Hours: TTh 10:00-11:45, 3:30-4:30, or by appointment

Time and Place:: Via Internet Class Forums on Heritage University Virtual Campus (AKA MyHeritage)

PageMaker 7.0 available in Toppenish and Yakima (consult Dr. Schmidt), Trial version may be downloaded from www.adobe.com.

Text: Roger C. Parker, Looking Good in Print, 6th ed. (Phoenix: Paraglyph Press, 2006)

Course Description and Objectives:

Students in this course will form the staff for a Heritage College DTP or webpublishing project. During the semester, we may be soliciting additional manuscripts and artwork/photos, selecting suitable materials for our project, entering manuscripts and artwork/photos into the computer using scanners and wordprocessing software, working with authors and artists to edit the selected works, laying out the magazine using desktop publishing software, producing camera-ready or Web-ready copy, assembling the completed project, publicizing our product, and distributing it to the student body and community in appropriate hard copy and on-line versions. In addition to their project duties, students will carry out several individual assignments to further practice the skills explored in the course. By the end of the semester, students should have developed their skills in the following areas:

(1) Establishing an editorial “voice” for a magazine or newsletter or website

(2) Evaluating manuscripts and artwork in terms of that “voice”

(3) Editing manuscripts

(4) Working with contributors from practical, legal, and ethical standpoints

(5) Integrating wordprocessing, graphics, and desktop publishing software

(6) Laying out text and graphics

(7) Producing HTML pages for the World-Wide Web

(8) Producing and marketing magazines, newsletters, websites, etc.

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