English 452/555:
Editing Workshop

Crucial Info for Spring 2019:

Instructors: Dr. Loren R. Schmidt and Prof. Danette Bremer

Schmidt Telephone: (509) 865-8542 or Ext. 2112 (Work); (509) 574-8486 (Home); (509) 307-0104 (Cell)

Schmidt E-Mail: schmidt_l@heritage.edu or loren@llschmidt.net

Bremer Telephone: (509) 831-0488

Bremer E-Mail: bremer_d@heritage.edu

Office: 2112 Simkins Bldg., Heritage University, 3240 Fort Rd., Toppenish, WA 98948

Schmidt Virtual Office Hours on Elluminate: W 600-800 pm PST/PDT, F 130-3 pm PST/PDT, or by appointment

Schmidt Physical Office Hours (available by phone): F 130-3 pm PST/PDT or by appointment

Time and Place:

I. Class Sessions Available: FS (Friday 530-830 pm PST/PDT, Saturday 9 am-3 pm PST/PDT) on 1/25-26, 2/8-9, 3/15-16, 4/5-6 in Petrie 1111. Students may attend sessions in person or live online. Sessions will also be recorded for later playback.

II. Via Internet: Recordings, Assignments, Class Forums, and other resources on Heritage University Virtual Campus (AKA MyHeritage).

Textbook and Software:

Williams, Robin. The Non-Designer's Design Book. 4th ed. (NY: Peachpit, 2015).

You may use any software IF it exports files in usable formats. PageMill 3.0 is a good introduction to the Adobe world (barebones but has the distinctive Adobe look and feel) and are available for free download. Trial version of Adobe's InDesign may be downloaded from www.adobe.com, but you should wait until later in the semester because the trial version will only be active for one month. I will provide the PageMill software during the first class session or by arrangement with online students.

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