English 450/550
Literary Theory

Crucial Info for Fall 2022:

Instructor: Dr. Loren R. Schmidt

Telephone: Dr. Schmidt (509) 865-8542 or Ext. 2112 (Work); (509) 307-0104 (Cell); (509) 574-8486 (Home)

E-Mail for Prof. Schmidt: schmidt_l@heritage.edu or (backup) loren@llschmidt.net

Prof. Schmidt's Office: Simkins 2112, Heritage University, 3240 Fort Rd., Toppenish, WA 98948

Prof. Schmidt's Virtual Office Hours on Zoom: W 630-8 pm PDT/PST, F 130-3 pm PDT/PST, or by appointment

Prof. Schmidt's Physical Office Hours: F 130-3 pm PDT/PST or by appointment (can catch most afternoons when not in class/meeting)

Time and Place for Classes (all times PDT/PST):

Toppenish: Possible Synchronous Option (In-Person or on Zoom)

Class sessions will be held F 530-830 pm, S 830 am-3 pm, Sun 830 am-2 pm on 8/26-28, 9/30-10/2, 11/4, 12/2-3. Presentations (Teaching Demonstrations) on 12/2-3, so session may not run the entire time. Students may attend either in person or on Zoom. Sessions will also be recorded and added to the past classes recorded on MyHeritage.

Asynchronous Online Students

1. Class will meet via Internet on Heritage University Virtual Campus (AKA MyHeritage) using Zoom.

2. During their office hours, Dr. Schmidt will answer questions about the reading materials, go over exercises and homework, and answer questions for students who drop in. ATTENDANCE IS NOT REQUIRED. SOME SESSIONS WILL BE RECORDED FOR LATER PLAYBACK, BUT NOT ALL PARTS OF EVERY SESSION ARE RECORDED. However, there are additional lecture materials, video lectures, and previously-recorded sessions available on MyHeritage.

3. Online students who want to speak rather than type MAY need to use a headset when attending sessions. Zoom sessions have fewer issues with mics, but open microphones can still create feedback. Cheap headsets and typed questions both work just fine; webcam generally necessary for live Zoom sessions, but students working asychronously can function without either a mic or a webcam.

Virtual Campus: MyHeritage log-in codes are already AVAILABLE!
Check registration letter from Heritage Registrar or contact instructor.

Primary Text:

Ann Dobie, Theory into Practice: An Introduction to Literary Criticism, 4th ed. (Boston: Thomson, 2014).

Supplementary Texts:

Frederick Crews, The Pooh Perplex (Chicago: U Chicago Press, 2003). Any edition fine.
Frederick Crews, The Postmodern Pooh (Chicago: Northwestern U Press, 2006). Any edition fine.

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