English 342/542:
Native American Literature

Crucial Info for Fall 2014:

Instructor: Dr. Loren R. Schmidt

Telephone: (509) 865-8542 or Ext. 3108 (Work); (509) 574-8486 (Home)

E-Mail: lschmidt@heritage.edu or (backup) loren@llschmidt.net

Prof. Schmidt's Office: Heritage Village 3108, Heritage University, 3240 Fort Rd., Toppenish, WA 98948

Prof. Schmidt's Virtual Office Hours on Elluminate: T 6-8 pm PDT/PST or by appointment

Prof. Schmidt's Physical Office Hours (available by phone): TBA/By appointment.

Time and Place:

Class Sessions Available in Person OR Online, Supplemented Via Internet with Class Forums on Heritage University Virtual Campus (AKA MyHeritage)

Option I: Internet Only (requires student to attend/view Elluminate sessions and/or work through other materials on MyHeritage to replace class sessions). Most students will choose this option.

Option II: Attend in-person class sessions and complete supplemental materials on MyHeritage. In-person class sessions will be scheduled Th 320-435 pm PDT but will also be available via Elluminate.

Option III: Attend SOME class sessions in person or via Elluminate and complete supplemental materials on MyHeritage to replace class sessions missed.


OCICU students should have received their codes in a letter from the HU Registrar. HU students without codes should contact Instructor, ASC, or Graduate Program Administrative Assistants ASAP!


8/25-12/5 for 15-week students. 8/25-10/19 OR 10/20-12/14 for 8-week students. The course schedule is set up for an 8-week term, so students may complete the coursework in 8 weeks and have a grade submitted at that time OR may take up to 15 weeks to complete the remaining assignments, depending on how they registered.


Gerald Vizenor, Native American Literature : A Brief Introduction and Anthology (NY: HarperCollins Literary [Longman], 1997).

N. Scott Momaday, House Made of Dawn, any edition you like OR you may substitute another novel with the permission of the instructor.

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