Elements of Assessment:

The following assignments will be required, but only the Final Draft of Thesis will factored into your course grade. The others will help assess your progress in mastering the outcomes noted above.

(1) Final Draft of Thesis: In the final week of the term, students will submit the final draft of their theses in both hard copy (1) and electronically (upload to Assignments on MyHeritage in the required formats (see the manual on MyHeritage for more information). Distance education students may arrange for printing and electronic copying at Heritage's Toppenish campus.

(2) Thesis Presentation: In the final week of the term, students will arrange to present and defend their theses either in person or online. Students may use PowerPoint, video/audio, and other digital tools to accentuate their work. After the presentation, students will field questions from the audience. Presentations will be recorded.

(3) Self-Evaluation: Students will submit a reflective paper of at least 4 pages discussing the life and educational experiences that have brought them to this point and think towards their future education and/or work. Reflections on their own strengths and weaknesses as well as those they experienced in the educational process are encouraged.

(4) Exit Interview: Students will schedule a short interview to discuss their time at Heritage, their future plans, and so on. This is another part of the departmental self-assessment, not an assessment of the students.

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