Course Schedule

NOTE: Schedule May Be Adjusted As Necessary
Dependent on Resources Available at Site
and Other Factors

Pre-Assignments (BEFORE Weekend 1):

1. Read Romano, Clearing the Way.
2. Read G&G, Preface and Chaps. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8.
3. Write short reflections on ten (10) of the chapters of the Romano text.
Post by 10/17.

Weekend 1 (10/18-20):

Friday: Introduction to Course—Composition Theory and Practice. Balance Between Inspiration (Romano) and Perspiration (G&G). Designing a Syllabus (Read G&G, Chaps. 1, 2, and 3).

Saturday: Designing a Syllabus (G&G, Chaps. 1, 2, and 3, cont.). Deciding Your Approach to Teaching Composition (Read G&G, Chap. 3). Individual and Small Group Workshop: Starting to Design Your Syllabus. Designing Good Writing Prompts. (Read G&G, Chap. 4). Small Group Work: Writing Prompts. Visit HU Library in person or online to look for journal article for Article Review (some ideas for GR in Chap. 11) or (UG only) select essay from our text (G&G, Chap.12).

Sunday: The Importance of the First Day/Week of Class (Read G&G, Chap. 2). Teaching Invention—How to Come Up with Ideas and Develop Them (Read G&G, Chap. 6). Teaching Form—Rhetorical Modes and Other "Formal" Writing (Read G&G, Chap. 7). Teaching "Style" (Read G&G, Chap. 8).

Preassignments (BEFORE Weekend 2):

1. All Romano Reflections Due 10/17.
2. Read G&G Chaps. 5, 9, 10, and 11 (11 Graduate Students Only).
3. Graduate Students Who Elect to Present in Weekend #2 Prepare Teaching Demonstrations.
4. Drafts of First 5 Prompts
/Responses for Peer Review.
5. Draft of Article Review for Peer Review

Weekend 2 (11/8-10):

Friday: Paper Grading—Marking Papers. Assessment of Student Writing. (Read G&G, Chap. 5). Teaching the Research Paper (Read G&G, Chap. 9).

Saturday: Paper Grading—Constructing Rubrics (Read G&G, Chap. 5, cont.). Small Group Work on Rubrics. Pair Workshop on Article Review. Small Group Workshop on Syllabi. Pair Workshop on First 5 Writing Prompts and Responses.

Sunday: Paper Grading, cont. Marking and Norming Papers. Teaching Delivery (Read G&G, Chap. 10). Graduate Teaching Presentations (if any).

Preassignments (BEFORE Weekend 3):

Undergraduates: Prepare Drafts of Syllabus and Final 5 Prompts/Responses for Peer Review.

Graduates: Prepare Drafts of Syllabus and Final 5 Prompts/Responses for Peer Review Online.

Online Students: Schedule Teaching Demonstration via Elluminate by 11/24.

Weekend 3 (11/23-24):


Friday: If necessary for students who cannot attend on Saturday or Sunday, Teaching Demonstrations. If not necessary, class will meet on only Saturday and Sunday as scheduled.

Saturday: Pair or Small Group Workshop on Syllabus, Pair Workshop on Final Prompts/Responses. Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching Demonstrations as Necessary.

Sunday: Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching Demonstrations as Necessary. Schedule Portfolio Evaluation for 12/1 or earlier.


Participation Forums Due 12/1.

Article Review Due 12/2.

Syllabus and Final 5 Prompts/Responses Due 12/3.

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