Course Description and Objectives:

English 454/554 Teaching Composition (3 UG credits, 2 Grad credits)

The course emphasizes the application of pedagogical and linguistic theory to teaching writing, exploring a wide range of writing experiences.

Teaching Composition is much more than just teaching the essay. We will discuss the writing process, writing modes and forms, qualitative analytical writing traits, environment, audience manipulation, student motivation, read-around groups (peer response and evaluation), conferencing and evaluation, essay structure and student trouble areas, and creative alternatives to the essay. Yes, we will discuss the dreaded HSPE and MSPE as well as how how best to prepare students for the Common Core and the key writing EALRs. We will be writing, too. Writing teachers must be writers. I want you to search your own experience for the ideas and strategies that freed you as writers.

By the end of the course, students should have acquired the following knowledge and developed the associated skills:

1. Acquire knowledge of current and historical theories about writing pedagogy including process approaches (prewriting, drafting, etc.), conferencing approaches, and rhetorical modes approaches.

2. Develop the ability to convert a theoretical approach into a workable syllabus for a composition course at the secondary or post-secondary level.

3. Know what makes a good writing prompt and practice designing and responding to such prompts.

4. Practice developing an effective lesson plan and teaching that plan to secondary and post-secondary students, making use of the approaches learned in this course.

5. Practice assessing student writing, making use of the approaches learned in this course.

6. Develop presentation and writing skills.

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