Elements of Assessment:

The following assignments will be factored into your course grade. In addition, these will also help assess your progress in mastering the outcomes noted above.

(1) Class Participation and Exercises: The nature of this class demands that all students contribute regularly to the discussions, including any Forum questions posted at the Heritage University Virtual Campus (AKA MyHeritage) and/or short in-class or written responses in a reading journal for online students. STUDENTS ATTENDING SOME OR ALL SESSIONS ASYCHRONOUSLY ONLINE WILL HAVE ADDITIONAL FORUM ASSIGNMENTS (see MyHeritage Forum portals for these assignments). Both quality and quantity will be considered, with an emphasis on the former. Finally, all "Review" sections from the sentence-combining book will be including as part of the exercises. Altogether, 40 points (35 + 5 for the Check-In Tasks) may be earned for participation and other reading responses.

(2) Technical Exercises: After practicing with out-of-class and group in-class exercises, students will demonstrate mastery of performance skills in phonetics/phonology, morphology, and syntax in class using appropriate tools (phonetics charts, the Oxford English Dictionary online, etc.). The first exercise will be worth 20 points and the other two exercises will be worth 15 points each (50 points total).

Verification Activity: The first two Technical Exercises (Phonetics/Phonology and Morphology) serve to verify or authenticate the work of online students. Students must arrange to do this work in a controlled environment (such as a testing center or library or during a live Zoom session) and must provide positive ID at that time.

(3) Linguistics Journal: During the course, students will keep an online journal (“blog”) noting everyday occurrences related to language. For example, a student can write about personal experiences, language issues reported or observed in the media, and so on. Students will be expected to include 10 entries over the course. Keeping the journal will be worth 10 points.

(4) Figuring Course Grades:

Check-In Tasks (4 + 1) 5
Participation (Including Forums) & Exercises 21
Sentence-Combining Reviews 14
Technical Exercise #1 20
Technical Exercise #2 15
Technical Exercise #3 15
Linguistics Journal (Blog) 10

Total Possible: 100 (98+ = A+; 92+ = A; 90+ = A-; 88+ = B+; 82+ = B; 80+ = B-; 78+ = C+; 72+ = C; 70+ = C-; 68+ = D+; 62+ = D; 60+ = D-; 59- = F)

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