Suggested Schedule

(Follow this schedule to keep pace for course completion; feel free to go faster.)

Month #1 of Semester or Weeks 0-2.5 of Summer or other 8-Week Session)

We will divide the material into three units. In each unit, you will be responsible to make substantive Forum posts about three of the readings (in some cases, we will specify which ones and frame your response. In addition, you will write a paper on a text or texts in each of the three units. Finally, you will be responsible for selecting a text in Unit II or Unit III to teach to your fellow students, either in the classroom or online.

3rd edition version. If you have the 4th edition, the page numbers are wrong and some readings may change.

Unit I

Readings: Volume A
Intro to Egypt, 57++
Akhenaten, 29++
Egyptian Love Poems, 76++
The Epic of Gilgamesh, 95++
The Hebrew Bible, 151++
Aesop, 623++
Sappho, 635++
Greek Drama, 644++
Sophocles, 701-6, Antigone, 747++
Intro to India, 1161++
The Ramayana of Valmiki, 1170++
Intro to China, 1311++
Book of Songs and K'ung Fu Tse 1320++

Follow-up Assignments:

Forum/Discussion Followup for Online Students

Spring 15-Week Semester: 2/8
SP1 8-Week Term: 1/25
SP2 8-Week Term: 3/22

Paper #1

Spring 15-Week Semester: 2/9
SP1 8-Week Term: 1/28
SP2 8-Week Term: 3/23

Month #2 of Semester or Weeks 2.5-5 of Summer Session)

Unit II

Prepare Presentation. Notify Prof. Guel or Dr. Schmidt via Forum post of the text you will present/teach. If you are an online student, you must post your presentation during Week 3-4 for a "Unit II" reading or during Week 5-6 for a "Unit III" reading.

Readings: Volume B
Europe and Islam, 3++
The New Testament, 13++
The Quran, 71++
The Song of Roland, 219++
Rumi, 352++
The Thousand and One Nights, 552++
India's Classical Age, 837++
Visnusarman, 846++
Classical Tamil Lyric, 855-868
Medieval Chinese Literature, 969-980
Hanshan, 984++
Tang Poetry, 1015++
Li Bo, 1022++
Li Qingzhao, Records on Metal and Stone, 1062++

Follow-up Assignments:

Forum/Discussion Followup for Online Students

Spring 15-Week Semester: 3/23
SP1 8-Week Term: 2/16
SP2 8-Week Term: 4/12

Paper #2

Spring 15-Week Semester: 3/24
SP1 8-Week Term: 2/17
SP2 8-Week Term: 4/13

Month #3 of Semester or Weeks 5-7.5 of Summer Session)

Unit III

Readings: Volume C
Encounters with Islam, 3++
The Sunjata, 12++
Celebi, 84++
Indian Poetry, 92++ (through Tukaram)
Petrarch, 164++
Shakespeare, 177++, 652++
Cervantes, 381++
Europe and the New World, 517++
Popol Vuh, 520++

Follow-up Assignments and Final Due Dates

Final Opportunity for Online or In-Person Presentation of Seminar Leader Assignment

Spring 15-Week Semester: 4/26
SP1 8-Week Term: 2/28
SP2 8-Week Term: 4/26

Forum/Discussion Followup for Online Students

Spring 15-Week Semester: 4/27
SP1 8-Week Term: 3/1
SP2 8-Week Term: 4/27

Paper #3

Spring 15-Week Semester: 4/28
SP1 8-Week Term: 3/2
SP2 8-Week Term: 4/28



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