Elements of Evaluation:

(1) Participation and Forums: Read Chaps. 14, 15, and 17. If you speak Spanish or another language well, read Chap. 16, too. Write a journal (forum) entry of at least two paragraphs reflecting on the ideas expressed in EACH of Chaps. 14, 15, and 17. The forums will be worth 15 points + 5 points (4 + 1) for the Check-In Tasks and Test (20 points total).

Note on Papers: If you are taking this course in conjunction with Eng 450-550 (Literary Theory), consult with Dr. Schmidt so that you may select topics that allow the papers to be used for both courses.

(2) Formal Analysis: Write a formal analysis of a poem from our text (2-3 pp.) Be sure to include discussion of rime (and/or other sound devices), rhythm (meter if any), the "Voice" and "Ear" along with other framing techniques, any visual aspects apparent in the written poem, and so on. This paper will be worth 30 points total.

(3) "Guided" Critical Analysis of Dickinson, Hughes, or Eliot: Read Chaps. 19 and 20. Choose one of these poems and write a short paper (3-4 pp.) drawing on the poem itself (be sure to cite the lines correctly) and at least TWO of the additional critical sources provided in the text. This paper will be worth 30 points total.

(4) "Open" Critical Analysis Papers: Choose TWO of the approaches from Chap. 26 and apply them to the SAME poem (TWO papers, each 2-3 pp.). These papers will be worth 30 points each, 60 points total.

ALTERNATIVE TECHNOLOGY ASSIGNMENT FOR SPRING 2023: Students using this class to meet the General Education Technology Requirement will replace these two papers with a series of technology assignments, culminating in the creation of a webzine or chapbook of the Poetry Assignments produced by students in the class.

(5) Poetry Assignment: Prepare a portfolio of your own poems (at least SIX poems, two of which must be CLOSED FORM and two of which must be OPEN form). Accompany the poems with a short (1-2 pp.) discussion of your OWN poetry from one or more critical perspectives (see Chap. 26 again). Meet with the instructor online or in person for a short debrief about your work. The portfolio and self-analysis will be worth 60 points total (40 points poetry/analysis, 10 points responses to other students, 10 points sharing or debrief).

Verification Activity: This assignment also serves to verify or authenticate the work of online students. Online students will be expected to produce positive ID to the instructor at the time of the online appointment.

(6) Figuring Course Grades:

Check-In Test (1) + Tasks (4) 5
Participation/Reading Responses (Forums) 15
Formal Analysis 30
Dickinson/Hughes/Eliot Paper 30
Critical Analysis #1 30
Critical Analysis #2 30
Poetry Assignment 60

Total Possible: 200 (196+ = A+; 184+ = A; 180+ = A-; 176+ = B+; 164+ = B; 160+ = B-; 156+ = C+; 144+ = C; 140+ = C-; 136+ = D+; 124+ = D; 120+ = D-; 119- = F)

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No part of this syllabus may be used or reproduced
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