Schedule for Advanced Students

Note: “Advanced Student” means that you are a student who has already taken English 310 or 510A as a student at Heritage or a similar course from another university and that you therefore do not require review of the basics of poetry.

8-Week Term

Before Course Begins or During Week 1:

1. Review Chaps. 1-13 as necessary.

2. Complete Check-In Test and Tasks.

Week 2:

1. Read Chaps. 14, 15, and 17.

2. If you speak Spanish or another language well, read Chap. 16, too.

3. Write a journal (blog) entry of at least two paragraphs reflecting on the ideas expressed in EACH of Chaps. 14, 15, and 17.

Week 3:

1. Read Chaps. 19 and 20.

2. Choose one of these poems and write a short paper (3-4 pp.) drawing on the poem itself (be sure to cite the lines correctly) and at least TWO of the additional sources provided in the text.

Weeks 4-6:

1. Read Chap. 26 (Review of material from Eng 450/550, Literary Theory).

2. Write the following papers:

a. A FORMALIST analysis of a poem from our text (2-3 pp.)

b. Choose TWO of the approaches from Chap. 26 and apply them to the SAME poem (TWO papers, each 2-3 pp.)

Weeks 7-8:

1. Prepare a portfolio of your own poems (at least SIX poems, two of which must be CLOSED FORM and two of which must be OPEN form).

2. Accompany the poems with a short (1-2 pp.) discussion of your OWN poetry from one or more critical perspectives (see Chap. 26 again).

3. Set up a debrief with Dr. Schmidt. This may be on campus, online, or over the phone.

Suggested Due Dates:

Chapter Forums 6/14

Dickinson/Hughest Eliot Paper 6/21

Formalist Paper 7/6

Poetry Sharing 7/17

Two Papers with Different Critical Approaches to the Same Poem 7/19

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No part of this syllabus may be used or reproduced
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