Schedule for Advanced Students

Note: “Advanced Student” means that you are a student who has already taken English 310 or 510A as a student at Heritage or a similar course from another university and that you therefore do not require review of the basics of poetry.

Schedule for 15-Week Term

Before Course Begins or During Week 1:

1. Review Chaps. 1-13 as necessary.

2. Complete Check-In Test and Tasks.

DUE 1/22 in Assignments AND Forums.

Weeks 2-4:

1. Read Chaps. 14, 15, and 17.

2. If you speak Spanish or another language well, read Chap. 16, too. (Bonus!)

3. Write a journal (blog) entry of at least two paragraphs reflecting on the ideas expressed in EACH of Chaps. 14, 15, and 17. To get bonus, do the same in Chap. 16.

DUE 2/12 in Forums.

Weeks 5-6:

1. Read Chaps. 19 and 20.

2. Choose one of these poems and write a short paper (3-4 pp.) drawing on the poem itself (be sure to cite the lines correctly) and at least TWO of the additional sources provided in the text.

DUE 2/26 in Assignments.

Weeks 7-11:

1. Read Chap. 26 (Review of material from Eng 450/550, Literary Theory).

2. Write the following papers:

a. A FORMALIST analysis of a poem from our text (2-3 pp.)

DUE 3/12 in Assignments.

b. Choose TWO of the approaches from Chap. 26 and apply them to the SAME poem (TWO papers, each 2-3 pp.)

#1 DUE 4/2 in Assignments.

#2 DUE 4/16 in Assignments.

Weeks 12-15:

1. Prepare a portfolio of your own poems (at least SIX poems, two of which must be CLOSED FORM and two of which must be OPEN form).

2. Accompany the poems with a short (1-2 pp.) discussion of your OWN poetry from one or more critical perspectives (see Chap. 26 again).

DUE 5/1 in Forums.

3. Attend a class workshop or set up a debrief with Dr. Schmidt. This may be on campus, online, or over the phone.

DUE 5/5

Suggested Due Dates:

Chapter Forums 2/12

Dickinson/Hughes/Eliot Paper 2/26

Formalist Paper 3/12

Critical Analyses of Same Poem 4/2 and 4/16

Poetry Due 4/30

Poetry Sharing 5/1-5/5

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No p,art of this syllabus may be used or reproduced
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