Elements of Assessment:

The following assignments will be factored into your course grade. In addition, these will also help assess your progress in mastering the outcomes noted above.

(1) Check-In Test (see "Coursework") and Check-In Forums (see "Assignments"): 5 points (1 + 4) total

(2) Attendance and Participation (includes Forum research and bibliographic exercises and reflections): 30 points

(3) Mini-Review of Literature (3+ sources on a topic related to one of your assignments in another class this semester OR to your Field Research Project): 20 points

(4) Field Research Project (if enrolled in 337/537 as recommended, you may want to get ideas for your project from that class; if not, you may conduct any sort of field research that you like with Dr. Schmidt's approval). UG students must cite and properly document at least one relevant source; GR students must cite at least three relevant sources: 30 points

(5) Qualitative Analysis of Interview/Personal Communication with Resource (related to current/future research; may be conducted in person or via any form of electronic media): 15 points

(6) Figuring Course Grades:

Check-In Test and Tasks (1 + 4) 5
Attendance, Participation, and Exercises 30
Review of Literature 20
Field Research Project 30
Interview/Personal Communication with Resource 15

Total Possible: 100 (98+ = A+; 92+ = A; 90+ = A-; 88+ = B+; 82+ = B; 80+ = B-; 78+ = C+; 72+ = C; 70+ = C-; 68+ = D+; 62+ = D; 60+ = D-; 59- = F)

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