Homework Answers

Phonetics (from Chap. 6 Homework)

Exercise 6.3
Note that a range of answers may be possible, but the following reflect a standard U.S. Midwestern-Western accent. See the note after the p. 3 paragraph transcription exercise for more notes on LIKELY variants. If your answers vary widely from these, you should talk to Dr. Schmidt on the phone or Elluminate and let him check out your idiolect.

Paragraph Transcription (p. 3 in the text)

Exercise 7.12

Stress Exercise from Unit I Checklist
These are the "BLE Teacher" marks. If you used the "English Teacher" marks, you simply replace the little dots with the "unstressed" mark, the medium-sized ones (h, i, and j) with the "secondary stress" mark, and the big ones with the "primary stress" mark.

Morphology (from Chap. 3 Homework)

a. retro + act + ive (Prefix + Root + Derivational Suffix)

b. be + friend + ed (P + R + Inflectional Suffix)

c. tele + vise (Incidentally, this is a back-formation from television.) (R + R)

d. margin (single morpheme) (R)

e. en + dear + ment (P + R + DS)

f. psych + ology (Incidentally, this is an eponym, a word from a name: Psyche, in Greek myth.) (R + R with an extra "o" thrown in the middle to make it pronouncible. You can attach the extra letter to the first root, too.)

g. un + palat + able (P + R + DS)

h. holi + day (R + R)

i. grand + mother (R + R)

j. morph + em + ic (R + IS + DS)

k. mis + treat + ment (P + R + DS)

l. de + act + iv + at + ion (P + R + DS + DS +DS)

m. salt + peter (Note that the OED uses British spelling—but it transferred you to the American spelling here.) (R + R)

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