Elements of Evaluation:

Note on Papers: If you are taking this course in conjunction with Eng 450-550 (Literary Theory), consult with Dr. Schmidt so that you may select topics that allow the papers to be used for both courses.

(1) Homework and Participation (on MyHeritage): Responses will be required on MyHeritage Forums for each weekly unit, as noted in the schedule. Some of these will be weighted more heavily than others. These will be worth 25% total (this includes the Check-In Tasks).

(2) Weekly Quizzes: Each unit has an online quiz attached. See "Coursework" to start each quiz, including the Check-In Quiz that students should complete during the first week of class. Some of these will be weighted more heavily than others. These will be worth 25% altogether.

(3) Midterm Examination: This will be worth 10%.

(4) Critical Analysis. Students will write a short (5+ pp.) paper using a reading or readings from the text along with outside academic sources. Students will be required to arrange a SHORT online or in-person appointment with Dr. Schmidt to discuss their paper(s). This will be worth 20%.

Verification Activity: This assignment also serves to verify or authenticate the work of online students. Online students will be expected to produce positive ID to the instructor at the time of the online appointment.

(5) Final Examination: This will be worth 20%.

(6) Figuring Course Grades:

Participation/Reading Responses (Forums) 25
Weekly Quizzes 25
Midterm Examination 10
Critical Paper(s) 20
Final Examination 20

Total Possible: 100 (98+ = A+; 92+ = A; 90+ = A-; 88+ = B+; 82+ = B; 80+ = B-; 78+ = C+; 72+ = C; 70+ = C-; 68+ = D+; 62+ = D; 60+ = D-; 59- = F)

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