Course Description and Objectives:

The course design assumes that students may work independently through the material, though in some terms we may offer in-person or live online classes. Each unit of the course has Forum questions or other assignments linked to it. Some assignments have mini-lectures or recorded material attached to them; others just revolve around the text. Most units have reading quizzes. As you proceed further in the course, you will be asked to write critical commentary and will have midterm and final take-home examinations that will draw on the earlier Forums and other assignments. Online sessions will be held weekly where you may discuss the material, ask questions, or share your written work with others. These online sessions will be recorded so that students who cannot attend synchronously will still be able to pose questions, have them answered, and share with others.

What will the course cover?

ENG 326W/526 American Literature II Modernism to Present, (3 s.h. UG, 2 s.h. GR):

Advanced study of American literature from the Modernist movement in the late 19th century) to the present, emphasizing research with primary and secondary sources and teaching the full diversity of American literature. Prerequisites: ENG 102. Recommended: Lower level literature course, Introduction to Literature, or permission of the program chair. Offered Spring semesters. Matched with ENG 526.

Given the assumptions above, students may expect that they will be called on to read extensively, to discuss those readings in class (whether in person, via Elluminate, or in the Forums on MyHeritage), and to write regularly concerning the readings and discussions. All of these elements will be factored into the course evaluation system.

In general, the course has these objectives for students to pursue:

(1) Become familiar with some of the great works of American literature and their historical contexts, themes, and authors
(2) Gain insights into the diversity of American culture through that literature
(3) Explore some of the methods for analyzing literature
(4) Improve analytic writing skills both in and out of class
(5) Review research and documentation skills

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