Course Description and Outcomes

ENG 319 Applied Syntax (1) or Portion of ENG 537 Introduction to Linguistics (2)

Application of generative and transformational syntax to the theory and practice of writing. Includes advanced study of sentence combining techniques. Offered Fall semesters. Prerequisite(s): ENG 102 or equivalent.

In general, the course has these outcomes for students to pursue:

1. Practice basic patterns of sentence combining:

(a) Using coordinate conjunctions and proper punctuation to join independent sentences.

(b) Adding adjectives, prepositional phrases, appositives, and relative/absolute clauses to noun phrases.

(c) Adding prepositional phrases, transition words/phrases, and various types of subordinate clauses to verb phrases.

(c) Adding verbal phrases such as infinitives and participles to base sentences.

2. Practice proper punctuation for joining and building sentences.

3. Improve the quality of student writing by adding sentence variety and properly-structured sentences.

4. (Graduate Students) Become more familiar with the syntactic elements of language (such as the development of more complex sentences shown through phrase tree structures) through real-world practice.

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