Course Schedule (subject to change as needed):

Weekend Schedule

15-Week Schedule

8-Week Schedule

Weekend Schedule

SC = Altman, et al, Sentence Combining Workbook.

Weekend #1:

Aug. 25: Introduction to Course. SC: Preface. What Is Sentence Combining, and Why Should You Know about It? SC: Units One (The Base Sentence), Two (Independent and Dependent Clauses), Three (Passive Sentences), Four (Coordinate Conjunctions), and Five (Subordinate Conjunctions).

Weekend #2:

Sept. 15: SC: Review One. Units Six (Subordinators for Comparison/Contrast), Seven (Subordinators for Concession), Eight (Transition Words/Phrases--Conjunctive Adverbs), and Nine (Parallel Structure--Punctuating "Lists").

Weekend #3:

Oct. 6: SC: Review Two. Units Ten (Adjective Phrases), Eleven (Prepositional Phrases), Twelve (Appositives), Thirteen (Adjective Clauses), and Fourteen (Verbal Phrases--Infinitives and Participles).

AFTER Weekend #3:

Complete SC Reviews #3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

Schmidt Online Office Hours tentatively W 6-8 pm, F 130-3 pm PDT/PST. Gutzwiler Online Office Hours TBA. Drop in for help.

Oct. 26: Last Chance to Finish SC Reviews!

15-Week Schedule

SC = Altman, et al, Sentence Combining Workbook.

Week 1: SC Unit One

Week 2: SC Unit Two

Week 3: SC Unit Three

Week 4: SC Unit Four

Week 5: SC Unit Five

Week 6: Review #1, SC Unit Six

Week 7: SC Unit Seven

Week 8: SC Unit Eight

Week 9: SC Unit Nine

Week 10: Review #2, SC Unit Ten

Week 11: SC Unit Eleven

Week 12: SC Unit Twelve

Week 13: Review #3, SC Unit Thirteen

Week 14: Review #4, SC Unit Fourteen

Week 15: Reviews #5, 6, and 7.

8-Week Schedule

SC = Altman, et al, Sentence Combining Workbook.

Week 1: SC Units One, Two.

Week 2: SC Units Three, Four.

Week 3: SC Units Five, Six. Review #1.

Week 4: SC Units Seven, Eight.

Week 5: SC Units Nine, Ten. Review #2.

Week 6: SC Units Eleven, Twelve. Review #3.

Week 7: SC Unit Thirteen, Fourteen. Review #4.

Week 8: Reviews #5, 6, and 7.

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