Elements of Evaluation:

The following assignments will be factored into your course grade:

(1) Reading Responses: The nature of this class demands that all students contribute regularly to the discussions whether in person, in synchronous discussions, or through the bulletin boards or video (including the “Culture Days,” which are worth 5 points each). Both quality and quantity will be considered, with an emphasis on the former. Altogether, 15 points may be earned for participation through reading responses + 5 points for Culture Day #1 + 5 points for Culture Day #2 + 5 points for completing the Check-In Test and Tasks on MyHeritage.

On-Line Students: Students taking part or all of the course entirely via the Net will complete every "Reading Response" (including the Reading and Study Questions) in the sections taken via the Net and complete the online versions of the “Culture Days” assignments. NOTE: Students may substitute attendance at a synchronous online session or attendance at Office Hours for that Unit's Reading and Study Questions.

(2) Threaded Discussion (Forums): In addition, ALL students will post at least one original comment (or posted link plus comment for some assignments) on each Threaded Discussion Forum. Extra credit (up to 3 points total) may be earned by thoughtful responses to other students' posts in threaded discussions on Heritage University Virtual Campus (AKA MyHeritage). These assignments will be worth 20 points, but, as noted, bonus points may be earned for good interactions with other students.

(3) Out-of-Class Papers: Students will write three short papers of 300-600 words (1.5-2 typed/wordprocessed, double-spaced pages) concerning the three themes of the course (Reality, Reason, and Expression) supplemented by their outside reading selections (if you do not have any ideas of your own, consult me for a reading list, which includes academic treatises as well as literary works, artwork, music, films, and other relevant materials). Topics for these papers will be discussed in class and workshop sessions in class and on Elluminate will be scheduled to assist students in writing them. Each of these papers will be worth 20 points (60 points total).

(4) In-Class Essays: Students will complete three in-class writings (see "Schedule" page for detailed assignment links). Review sessions will be scheduled in class and on Elluminate prior to each writing to help students prepare for them. Online students will be directed to locate an appropriate proctor for this verification activity. These writings will be worth 30 points each (90 points total).

Verification Activity: The In-Class Essays are one option to verify or authentic online students' performances. The first two MUST take place in a controlled environment such as a testing center or library and students must show positive ID. The third one MAY be completed as a take-home after satisfactory performance on In-Class Essays 1 and 2. Students who do not have access to a proctor may instead substitute synchronous ("live" online or in-person) presentations for Culture Days 1 and 2.

Figuring Course Grades:

Check-In Test 1
Check-In Tasks 4
Participation/Reading Responses 15
Culture Day #1 5
Culture Day #2 5
Forum (Threaded Discussions) 20
Out-of-Class Report #1 20
Out-of-Class Report #2 20
Out-of-Class Report #3 20
In-Class Writing #1 30
In-Class Writing #2 30
In-Class Writing #3 30

Total Possible: 200 (196+ = A+; 184+ = A; 180+ = A-; 176+ = B+; 164+ = B; 160+ = B-; 156+ = C+; 144+ = C; 140+ = C-; 136+ = D+; 124+ = D; 120+ = D-; 119- = F)

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